Don’t Micromanage Away Your Employee’s Creativity!

There are very few times when it is a good idea to micromanage your employees. For the most part, you really should stay away from micromanaging your employees. Avoid it as much as possible. You need to stay away from it because when you micromanage, there is a chance you are taking away the creativity of your employees. If employees lose their creativity, they will soon lose their zest for performing well at the office.

Hovering Bosses Cause Drop in Productivity

Aside from causing your employees to lose their creativity, micromanaging employees can also cause a drop in productivity. When a boss constantly hovers over an employee, the pressure mounts to the point where the employee cannot perform well in front of their superior. This will cause a drop in production and the employee will begin to question their ability to do their job.

Satisfaction Decreases

Hovering bosses can cause their employees to experience a decrease in satisfaction. When a boss hovers over an employee, directing them towards certain decisions and directing all of their actions, it takes away the employee’s satisfaction of completing a task using their own effort. Employees need to be allowed to work on their projects autonomously if they wish to attain mastery of a skill or another trait.

Learn from Mistakes

When hovering bosses stop micromanaging they allow their employees to not only be creative, but they are also able to learn from their mistakes. Employees who have decisions made for them or actions directed never get the chance to make a mistake and learn from it. As employees learn from mistakes they begin to mold into leaders, not just managers. This does not mean that you cannot talk with your employees about areas where they are challenged. This will help them grow as employees and learn how to solve their own problems.

Let Creative Flags Fly

You can love your job and be very good at it, but a micromanaging boss can spoil your overall experience. Remember, people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. Avoid being the cause of an employee’s change of career and remove any micromanaging. The bottom line here is that you really need to let creative flags fly when managing employees. The only way to let an employee’s creative flag fly is by ending your micromanagement habits as soon as possible. Your employees will begin to trust you as a manager and themselves as talented employees.

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