Overcoming Workplace Tension | How to Work with Someone You Don’t Get Along With

Companies generally do their best to hire good people who will get along with others. However, there is always at least one employee who tends to complain a lot, creates drama, and causes tension in the workplace. Do you have a co-worker like this that you’d rather stick needles in your eyes than deal with? Before you start considering this person your enemy at work, let’s talk about some ways you can overcome workplace tension and work with someone you don’t particularly get along with.

Realize That People Are…People

We’re all human. What makes one person unique may be viewed as either positive or negative by other people. Try to see your co-worker as someone who has personality traits that are different than yours. This make the other person unique, despite their flaws.

Never Take Things Personally

Once you see that the co-worker is just another human being with flaws, you can start seeing that you should never take their actions personally. Just brush off their behavior and move on. The job is just a place to work and then you leave it and go home.

Try To Find Something In Common

You may not believe this, but you and the co-worker who bothers you may have something in common. Try to find a common ground with this person, even if it’s just about your passion for the industry. Look around the co-worker’s desk and see if you can pick out something that you may have in common, like the fact that you both have pets. Sometimes you find out that the thing you have in common might be the root of their stress or attitude.

Never Let Them Get Under Your Skin

If someone makes your blood boil at work, it’s time for a break. Get away from the co-worker and take a walk outside or keep to yourself until you are calm. It’s easy to start getting angry and the co-worker will pick up on this and torment you. Walk away and cool off.

Talk To Your Manager

If there is a legitimate reason you are feeling ostracized, discriminated against, or harassed by a co-worker, often a little chat with the boss will help. Go in with the idea that you want to improve your working relationships, and let your manager advise you on ways to get along with this person. If there is cause, the manager can take steps to separate you from an offensive employee.

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