How to Become a Part of the Team…When You’re The Newest Hire

Congratulations – you’ve landed a brand new job! You are about to head for a new career adventure that will enable you to grow in your profession and learn new skills. The first few days you can expect to be rocky, as you get oriented to the company and the people around you. Being able to fit in and become part of your new work team is a critical step in this process. How can you accomplish this?

Be Friendly and Interested in Your New Teammates

Your first few days and weeks on the job can be a little stressful as you will be facing a lot of new information all at once. But in order to become part of the team, resist the urge to go crawl in a cubicle somewhere to hibernate. Instead, be friendly towards your new colleagues, smiling and using friendly communication to win them over. Make them laugh, do something nice for someone, create a fun new tradition, and take your place as part of the team.

Demonstrate that You Respect Others and Want to Learn

In order to fit in and gain the respect of your new peers, you will need to demonstrate this as well. Learn with an open mind from others because they want you to do things the way things need to be done. Trying to re-invent the wheel will not bode well with new coworkers. Give respect and you will earn it.

Find a Common Ground with Your New Co-Workers

A great way to break the ice and start to find your place as part of your new work team is to find a common ground with others. Look around the office and notice things like: photos of kids and pets, sports memorabilia, movie and music posters, books, etc. This is a great place to start building rapport with others.

Maintain Some Mystery Until You Get to Know Everyone 

As you start to become a part of the work team, remember to be somewhat guarded until you get to know everyone well. This can prevent you from revealing too much personal information right away, which could take away from becoming a part of the team. For example, you might tell someone that you follow a certain belief system that contradicts one of your colleagues. Divulging all the obstacles in life you have overcome might be too much at first. Choose the positive things, and focus on the positive things going on in your life currently.

Be an Active Participant in Team Activities

The fastest way to become part of the team at your new job is to participate – in your work tasks, in team projects, in team activities, and in meeting the goals of the team. Don’t stand back and let others do it all, for this will just earn you disdain from your team members. Share new ideas when asked and look for ways to improve your status in the eyes of your colleagues.

Use the above tips to quickly and effectively integrate with your team when you encounter a new job.

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