New Year. New You. 5 Tips on Developing a Healthier Lifestyle in 2016

It’s nearly 2016, and the New Year promises many exciting things, including the chance to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle that includes plenty of good food, time to relax, and total well-being. Many people find themselves stressed out, not getting enough rest, engaging in bad… Read More »

Did You Reach Your Organizational Goals for 2015?

As a company, how well have you done with reaching your organizational goals for 2015? It may be a bit murky as you look back, so we are providing you with a guide to help you see how well you did. Did you reach your revenue goals for the company? If you don’t know where… Read More »

How to Become a Part of the Team…When You’re The Newest Hire

Congratulations – you’ve landed a brand new job! You are about to head for a new career adventure that will enable you to grow in your profession and learn new skills. The first few days you can expect to be rocky, as you get oriented to the company and the people around you. Being able… Read More »

4 Fall Activities to Increase Team Morale

The autumn months can be a beautiful time of year in Modesto Valley, but it can also be a time when employee morale dips when the summer fun is over. Employees can easily get stuck in ruts and start feeling down. Why not take advantage of this time of year and plan some fun fall… Read More »

3 Easy (but Effective) Ways to Show Your Team You Are Thankful for Their Dedication

Being an effective manager is no easy feat, especially in the “every-second-counts” business environment of now. Oftentimes, managers are faced with boosting the morale of employees in order to maintain high levels of productivity and pushing employees to perform at their very best. This improves the profitability of the business and builds a strong corporate… Read More »

Overcoming Workplace Tension | How to Work with Someone You Don’t Get Along With

Companies generally do their best to hire good people who will get along with others. However, there is always at least one employee who tends to complain a lot, creates drama, and causes tension in the workplace. Do you have a co-worker like this that you’d rather stick needles in your eyes than deal with?… Read More »

Consider Managing Your Employees Like Steve Jobs

The way you manage your employees today matters a whole lot when it comes to your company’s bottom line. If you hire employees and tell them what to do, you might run into some trouble. Companies should want to hire employees and have them tell the company what to do. This means that your employees… Read More »

Don’t Micromanage Away Your Employee’s Creativity!

There are very few times when it is a good idea to micromanage your employees. For the most part, you really should stay away from micromanaging your employees. Avoid it as much as possible. You need to stay away from it because when you micromanage, there is a chance you are taking away the creativity… Read More »