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New Year. New You. 5 Tips on Developing a Healthier Lifestyle in 2016

It’s nearly 2016, and the New Year promises many exciting things, including the chance to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle that includes plenty of good food, time to relax, and total well-being. Many people find themselves stressed out, not getting enough rest, engaging in bad… Read More »

How to Become a Part of the Team…When You’re The Newest Hire

Congratulations – you’ve landed a brand new job! You are about to head for a new career adventure that will enable you to grow in your profession and learn new skills. The first few days you can expect to be rocky, as you get oriented to the company and the people around you. Being able… Read More »

Overcoming Workplace Tension | How to Work with Someone You Don’t Get Along With

Companies generally do their best to hire good people who will get along with others. However, there is always at least one employee who tends to complain a lot, creates drama, and causes tension in the workplace. Do you have a co-worker like this that you’d rather stick needles in your eyes than deal with?… Read More »

10 of Our Favorite Quotes on Innovation for Job Seekers

As job seekers continue to look for something new, or maybe their first job out of school, they should take time to read some interesting and inspirational quotes about innovation. We have compiled a list of our 10 favorite quotes on innovation in today’s post. William Pollard Once Said: “Without change there is no innovation,… Read More »

But WHY Do We Do Things This Way?

As the title suggests, this article is all about a pretty common question asked by employees when they start a new job. The quickest and easiest way to promote engagement from a new employee and shorten the learning curve is to find a way to foster an environment of asking questions. Some employees can get… Read More »

Making a Positive First Impression During Job Interviews

Everyone knows that it takes a matter of seconds to make a first impression, but do you know exactly how many seconds you have? The exact number is seven; seven seconds to make a first impression on someone. That is not a lot of time to ensure that the impression is a good one. So,… Read More »

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Interview to Overcome “Interview Nerves”

No matter if this is your first job interview or the hundredth; it’s common to get nervous as the big day approaches. Many job seekers are eager to strut their stuff in an interview, but by the time they get to the interviewing place they are a bundle of nerves. It’s because of all that… Read More »

Key Strategies To Advance Your Career When It Hits A Rut

Just about every person has hit a rough patch in a career at some time or another. Career ruts often sneak up after years of having an enjoyable career. A career rut happens when a job no longer provides the satisfaction or reward that it once did. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in this type of… Read More »

What 3 things can you do to continue learning and developing after landing a job?

Our Memo to the Hiring Manager… Landing a new job is an exciting time for a job seeker, especially if he or she has been searching for quite some time. Believe it or not, the development of the employee is not complete with the acquisition of a new job. In fact, the employee should continue… Read More »