First 90 Days on a New Job…Make it count!

You got the job and now the hard part is just starting. Lots of my research shows that what you do early on during a job transition is what matters most. Your colleagues and your boss form opinions about you based on limited information, and those opinions are sticky—it’s hard to change their minds. So shape their impressions of you to the best of your ability.

What are key ways to make a good impression from the get-go?

Develop relationships!

Too often I see people focused on the technical aspect of the job and attempt to forget the office politics! This is a mistake. Build key relationships early. Ask your boss who they suggest  that you get to know and invite those people to coffee or lunch and pick their brains. Don’t just focus on managers above you, build dotted lined relationships as well.

Throw work life balance out the window!

At least for a little while…In the first 90 days of a new job you are learning so much. There is no substitute for logging time and digging in! This can be especially challenging if you have family. Before you start talk to your spouse or grandparents about providing extra support during this time.

Be proactive!

It is the most important thing that you can you do to make your boss like, trust and respect you from the start!  It’s your responsibility to make the relationship work, approach it as such! Schedule a time as soon as possible after you settle in and ask your boss about their expectations,  ask how they prefer to be contacted—in person, via phone, by email—and how often. If your boss doesn’t reach out much, you make it a point to check in regularly.

Don’t play small…

Just because you are the new guy or girl, doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact! Secure an early win. Build credibility for yourself by being seen as someone who is learning and connecting with the organization.

Over the course of your career, you may experience all sorts of workplace change when you get a promotion, land a new job at a different company, and even when your own organization downsizes or merges with another one. Regardless of your situation, these are all transitions and transitions means fresh starts, make it count!

Author: Saprina Allen, Executive Recruiter for AVAILABILITY Professional Staffing


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