Employer Work Site COVID-19 Screenings

ON-SITE Wellness Screening for Employers!

Temporary Certified Medical Staff AVAILABLE

For over 30 years AVAILABILITY Professional Staffing has been providing certified, medical assistants and certified nurse assistants to employers. TODAY we are offering a new program: On-Site Wellness Screening for anyone looking to add a layer of protection to their employees.

These On-Site Medical Staff members can:

  • Read temperatures of anyone entering and exiting the building: to include employees, vendors, contractors and visitors.
  • Record data, and partner with HR to ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Provide coverage on any shift

How does it work?

Set an appointment with us to discuss your needs. Each site runs differently with a variety of security measures, so we will provide a consultation on site and provide ideas and guidance while sharing what is working with other employers in the area. Our On-Site Wellness Screening program will be custom fit to your site. We provide the professionals and the employer provides the necessary materials, and devices.

If you want more information, or would like to hear what is needed you can make an appt Click to schedule a phone call with me

Free Consultations are available between 6AM and 6PM.


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