Who is Availability Professional Staffing?

It’s important to learn all you can about a staffing agency before you take the leap as an employer or as a potential contractor. For this reason, our team wanted to take a moment to share more about our team, our backgrounds, and why we stand out from other agencies. Here are some things you may find interesting about Availability Professional Staffing, the benefits of working with us, and why you should choose us.

We’ve been in business for nearly 50 years

Not many companies can say that they have been around for half a century, but we can! Availability Professional Staffing was founded in 1966, and we are the longest standing locally owned firm in the entire valley. Many of our recruiters have been with us for years. Like Lynda, who has been a recruiter with our agency for over 28 years, and Chris, who has been in sales, sales management, and marketing in the central valley for over 25 years. We are a women-owned enterpriser and we know the Modesto area well. We like to think we are a part of its rich history and great business culture.

We are recognized for excellence in recruitment

The recruitment business is highly competitive and it can be difficult being in this arena. But we care deeply about the people and businesses we serve. In fact, we’ve been nominated by the local paper Modesto Bee three years running as the Best in Staffing for the area. To us, this is a big deal because we know how important it is to develop relationships with the clients and candidates we work with every day. Being at the top of our game and staying ahead of recruitment methods is what helps us to stand out.

We are trusted by many

The team at Availability Staffing Resources considers ourselves to be the trusted advisor to our candidates and our clients.  Our goal is not to just make a placement, but it is to help each candidate with their careers and job search.  Our goal is also to help each client with finding the top talent they need to get the job done.  While we are a family business, we are very professional in our approach to day to day operations and development.   We treat the people we represent as family. People are very comfortable working with us because they know how down to Earth and real we are. Nothing flash, no nonsense, just dealing with life and the reality of the market and the reality for our candidates. Nothing is pumped up bigger than it is.

We do more than just focus on recruitment numbers

Recruiters often get too caught up in the metrics of the industry, but we think a lot differently because we don’t need to do this to keep our jobs. This means we focus on great connections between businesses and candidates. We don’t need to hound people by calling their references BEFORE we have a job for them on the table. Instead, we allow word of mouth to be our public voice. We don’t make those hard or canned sales calls. We just do right by people each step of the way.

We want to leave a legacy in our community 

Who you see today at Availability Staffing Resources won’t change. We want to leave a lasting legacy here – something people will remember. So many times folks feel that their life defined by their work. It couldn’t be truer for us. This work defines us, and we know the value and importance of loving what you do. And if you don’t, do something to change that. This is why we are here. In other words, love others and do what is in THEIR best interest and the rest will fall in place. We firmly believe that.

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