Networking Channels to Utilize When Job Searching After Graduation

I waited until I graduated to start seeking a career in my field…

Okay, not all of us had the luxury of working a great job while going to college. Many of you waited tables, worked fast food or retail to have the ability to work nights, weekends with flexible hours. So what if you didn’t land three fabulous internships? There is still hope!

With college graduation parties wrapping up all over the Modesto Valley area, job search hopefuls are already out there trying to make the right connections. While we always recommend that students to TRY and find a position that is more in line with your degree concentration sometimes that is not always the easiest or more logical choice.

The good news is that there are a variety of local and online networking opportunities that support a job search. College grads need to start participating in these networking channels for connecting with the companies and hiring managers looking for new hires.

Networking counts a lot when searching for work post-graduation. A recent JobVite survey revealed that 4 in 10 job seekers found out about new job opportunities just by tapping into their networks as soon as possible. The survey also revealed that recruiters rate candidates as high quality from networking activities, finding that 64 percent of candidates were referred by other employees to new jobs, 59 percent through social networks, and 59 percent just by reaching out on company career sites.

To help you get on the right foot when searching for a job after college, here are some of the best networking spots to join.

College Alumni Networks

Before you head off into the sunset, make sure you are registered with your college alumni network and the career center. Many of the colleges are associated with NACE. – they are a non-profit group that links college grads with employers! This can be a powerful source of networking with other graduates who have already landed jobs at big companies and are looking for new people to refer. Recruiters also visit college campuses and alumni groups looking for new hires.

Social Networks

Everyone is on social media networks today, including the companies and recruitment firms who are looking for great new people.  Be sure to join some of the hottest social networks for job seekers in the Modesto Valley area, including Availability Professional Staffing on Facebook, and the group Jobs in Fresno on LinkedIn or the Sacramento Business Network on LinkedIn. Take the time to build a professional profile on all your social networks before you use this, however, to improve your chances of getting noticed by that dream company. Lastly, build out your LinkedIn Profile. It’s the professional networking site.

Business Association Networks

The businesses and industry associations in and around central California are always on the hunt for new college graduates to work for them. To get connected with the right people early on in your career, be sure to join local business networks in your area of interest. For example, you could join the business networks like BNI California Central Valley Region or the Central California Coast Business Network, or you can get involved with the California Small Business Development Center if your dreams are to start your own business.

If you are serious about gainful employment in your field of study, you will get excellent results by registering with Modesto Valley staffing agency, Availability Professional Staffing. Experts in finding premier jobs for top candidates contact us today and let us assist you with your job search.

Looking for a good job to land after graduation:

Here is a list of jobs or employers we have found hire graduates and offer great training.

Rentals Car Companies (great manager trainee programs)

Hotels (open 24 hours!)


Large retailers: (Target, Best Buy, Sears etc…)

Car Washes

Join the Search the Best Available Job Opportunities in the Central Valley


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