A Look into the Specializations of Availability Professional Staffing

Wondering if Availability Staffing is the right choice for you, either as a job seeker or a company looking for great employees? We expect you to explore all your options, but we also want to highlight our specializations so you can make the best decision for your needs. Here’s a rundown of our industry specializations and why you should choose us.

Finance and accounting staffing on demand

One of our biggest areas of specialty in recruitment is in the accounting and finance markets. Our recruiters, Lynda and Nicole, each come from an Accounting background in their previous professions before getting into recruitment as a full-time profession. In fact, both of Nicole’s parents are Accountants, and her father is a CFO to this day. I guess you could say it runs in our blood! We know this market and have the ability to source, screen, verify, and place top accounting and finance pros with your company.

Health care recruitment to hire the best

Another area of specialty at Availability Professional Staffing is in the healthcare market. Did you know we are the only insured healthcare recruitment group in Modesto? Whether you are a hiring manager or person looking for work we are the best resource out there.  Our designated recruiter has over 29 years recruiting healthcare professionals! The longest standing in the Valley! We successfully placed hundreds of great candidate coming from all areas of the healthcare scene into temporary and full-time positions with leading companies in Modesto Valley. We understand what it takes to be skilled and valued in this market. Our candidates come from some of the top medical schools and healthcare facilities in the area. Talk to us about hiring your next healthcare employees.

Administrative, human resource and marketing support

Companies need great support staff in order to succeed in operations. That’s why Availability Professional Staffing focuses on this specialty area. Chris has been managing business, sales departments, and marketing groups for over 25 years right here in the Valley. He is our resident sales and marketing guru.  Our clients not only receive great talent, but Chris can help them navigate how to approach growth, onboarding of sales staff, and position himself as a trusted advisor so that our clients’ investments are best put to use! That level of understanding added to the business management expertise he has, enables our firm to really assess a company or candidate’s needs. From entry-level  administrators and sales and marketing  directors, we have just the right candidates for your organization.

Local trusted advisors in Modesto Valley for nearly 50 years

Our team is known around the Modesto Valley California area as being the local trusted advisors for hundreds of companies. We’ve earned the trust and respect of every organization because they know when they reach out to us for the recruitment needs we are quick to respond with top talent. Being woman owned and locally operated, for our entire existence, we have survived the ups and downs of the economy and are still here almost 50 years later. Some of our recruiters have been with us for decades, and we know just how small and connected our community is. The history is right here in our files!

Whether you are new business in the startup phase or an existing one; or if you are a skilled candidate looking for great career opportunity we want to hear from you. Feel free to connect with us here or on our social media networks.


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