Why Partner with a Staffing Agency to Assist Your Hiring Initiatives?

As a thriving business, you may be wondering why you would want to partner with a staffing agency when you already have an internal HR department or recruitment team? This is a great question that actually we get asked a lot. You see, we understand that most companies are looking for ways to save money and time with their recruitment efforts. It’s natural to inquire about the benefits of contracting with a local staffing agency in Modesto.

To help you understand how a staffing agency like ours can support your hiring initiatives, check out the 4 reasons to partner with a staffing firm in Modesto.

Reduce the administrative burdens

Having an in-house HR team can be a plus, but when you consider the full picture of all the administrative burdens this produces, a staffing agency that can augment your present recruitment efforts may be a better solution. For one, we absorb all of the upfront costs of recruitment including placing job advertisements, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, evaluating candidate skills, handling pre-employment checks, and even managing employee on boarding, payroll, and benefits.

Obtain better quality of candidate pool

If your recruitment efforts are producing less than stellar candidates, partnering with a staffing agency and Modesto could expose your business to a much wider range of quality talent. How is this possible? Our exclusive database of skilled candidates becomes available to our clients. Our team of recruiters relentlessly pursue and establish relationships with both active and passive candidates on behalf of our clients. This means any candidates that are presented to companies that we work with our higher quality professionals with proven skills.

Minimize risks of bad hires and other legal concerns

Another benefit of partnering with a staffing agency in Modesto California is that we assume many of the risks of hiring and on boarding new employees. Using traditional methods, recruiting new hires can be tricky because people often falsify information or come with a lot of baggage. Employers face expensive lawsuits every day stemming from bad hires, and wrongful termination actions. A staffing agency becomes the actual employer of each contracted worker and therefore takes on these risks throughout the life of their contract.

Secure the future of business staffing needs

Most staffing agencies are delighted to help organizations secure temporary and long-term employees. However, we enjoy and look forward to serving the needs of the company’s we partner with for years to come. Imagine having access to seasoned recruiters to ask questions and plan the future staffing needs of your business as it grows? This is one of the key advantages of working with a premier staffing agency in Modesto.

Want to learn more about partnering with a locally owned and managed staffing agency with a track record of success? We encourage you to connect with us by email, phone, or social networking.

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