3 Ways to Make the Most out the Short Time at Your Next Job Fair

Job fairs can be excellent opportunities to find a new career. They can be a great time for those getting ready to graduate from college, the unemployed and people simply seeking a new job. Job fairs provide a means to network and find out what opportunities are available right now with local companies and staffing agencies in the Modesto Valley area.

As the job market continues to improve, more and more professionals will be attending job fairs in the hopes that they find work or can switch companies. Here, we will discuss three ways to make the most out of the short time at your next job fair so that you impress the best hiring companies.

Practice an Effective Introduction

You should practice an effective introduction prior to attending the event that is at least 15 seconds long and not much longer. The introduction should be the same no matter who you say it to, but it needs to provide recruiters and hiring managers from companies in attendance with as much about you in as little time possible.

The introduction needs to have your name, your key qualifications and experience and the type of job you are looking for at the fair. The introduction you prepare for the job fair will serve as the linchpin to an extended conversation. If the company does not see a possible match after your introduction, you likely will not have a long conversation with the representative.

Create a Short List of Companies

Prior to the job fair, find out which companies will be there. Try to get the master list. This will help you create a short list of the ones you will spend time speaking with. There is only so much time available at a job fair and you want to make the most of it. You cannot walk around blindly, without a plan of attack.

Your list should focus on three to five companies that really meet your job needs right now. Do a little research into the companies prior to the event so you can impress whomever you meet. Treat the job fair like four or five smaller job interviews. The more you can impress the company representatives, the greater your chances are that an offer of employment will be extended.

Take it Seriously

Even though this is the third tip on our list, it is the most important one we are presenting. You must take the job fair seriously. Dress for success, which means dress like you would for a job interview. Even though you might not meet top-level managers or HR executives, you still need to impress the recruiters sent by the company to the event. Make it a point to talk with representatives from local staffing firms too, as they can be the gateway to great careers in Modesto Valley.

Make sure you have a strong handshake, make eye contact, listen and look as engaged as possible. You need to let these companies know you are interested in what they have to offer if you want to make the most out of the short time at your next job fair.

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